• Hi, I'm

    Brian Yu

  • WHO AM I?

    The University of Adelaide

    2nd Year in Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance)

    • Top 1% of Universities in the World
    • A member of Group of Eight
    • Associated with five Nobel Laureates
    • securing over $180 million in research funding annually


    Program Advisor

    • Offer courses of Diploma in Cruise Service and Hospitality Management, and Diploma in Accounting and Management
    • Strong foundations in Academic Background, Pedagogical Expertise, and Cross-culture Experience and Understanding



    Swim Lover / Swimming Instructor

    • Won lots of prizes in different sorts of swimming competitions
    • Got regular training
    • Instructed children and swimming team
  • Things I'm Proud of

    Public Speaking

    I have put a lot of effort in public speaking, including gaining courage, gesture. I have also joined lots of public speaking competitions to keep myself improving. Now, I'm proud that I get I certain extent of recognition in this field.


    I'm a cook of my friends. I like trying cuisines from different countries, and that's why I'll spend some time in delving their recipes. After a certain period of time of effort, I create some Italian, Korean, Japanese cuisines.


    One of the things that I'm proud of the most is my family. We spent a lot of time in effective communication to be able to understand each other. We respect to each other. When I'm in trouble, my parents are always here with me. I'm really proud of being part of this warm family.


    Volunteered at AIESEC

    I joined the volunteer work organised by AIESEC. I went overseas to do some volunteer tasks and reported back to the organisation. My leadership skill was developed through this experience.

    Volunteered at the Smith Family

    This is an unforgettable volunteering experience. Becoming a volunteering tutor gave me the chance to support students from poor family in their educational and personal development. Most importantly, I found that there is actually no difference between a child from a rich family and a poor family.

    Internship at Kingfisher Financial

    As a student member of the Financial Planning Association, I learned how to manage my assets, deal with my salary and superannuation fund to make a long term investment.